Electromecanical Installations

Proyects Made  - All of our people are certified professionals with more than 5 years of experience.

Ductwork Desing structures Commercial Industrial Light Desegn , Engineering, Fabrication , Installation Metallic structures. Food Grade Sanitary Tubing Hydraulic Tubing Fire Protection products Multipanel Fabrication Panoramic Fabrication Heavy dutty Welding Certified Welding Special Fabrication

Industrial Lubrication Systems

-Pneumatic Pumps  -Electric Pumos -Inyectors Gear Pumos  -Progamable Electric Controls -Tubing  -Fittings
-Proportional vavles -Air and Hidraulic Gauges -Pressure sensors - Maniful -Oil Containers -Hose  

Electric Industrial Installations

Certified Personell both by government and third party companies

-  Substation Instalation and engineering


- Electric tubing Installation

- Emergency Energy and Lights

-Energy Saving Proyects

- Commercial and Industrial Led Lights area Design  

- Telecomunications

-Lightning Installations

   - Ducts and containers

- Photocell sensors, swithces, wiring and programming.

- Lights for exterior and roads  

 -Air Conditioning system

 -Electrcal motor and Driver Installations

-Electrical and Mechanical Design doors and gates

 -Lubrication Equipment  -Electrical and Mechanical Installations  -Automation  

Industrial Mechanical Installations

 Certified Personel both government and third party companies, with more than 5 years of experience.

-Circular and squared Ducts -Crane and lift experience -Certified welding for Tubes and Metallic Structures  - Hudraulic and Pneumatic Installations and Design -Cleaning and Paninting Proyects